Some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing live dealer blackjack

Some who plays online blackjack are always those who live regular casino online blackjack variation, and those who much prefer the new format like Live Dealer Blackjack. Like everything else there are advantages and disadvantages, and playing Live Dealer Blackjack is no exception. With that in mind here are Some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing live dealer blackjack.

Live Dealer Blackjack have more than one variation, one of them which has fast game movement, since all players play the hands at the same time, and the other one moves similarly to land based blackjack.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing live dealer blackjack

On playing blackjack online some players will find that online blackjack game is a lot faster than playing personal dealer blackjack. Because many players play at once rather than each of them dealing with their hand in turn. Public Live Dealer blackjack is what you’re looking for if you want speed, because personal live blackjack dealer only allows player to have about 10 to 15 seconds to make their play before the dealer takes over and makes the choice for them.

There is also the possibility that the each player will use their maximum amount of time for each turn, thus making the movement of the game slow, especially for those players who are used to playing online blackjack, with the dealer is the computer software, because those games are particularly fast.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing live dealer blackjack

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing live dealer blackjack

Playing like you’re sitting in a real casino

Even though the personal live dealer blackjack takes longer some players prefer them. Because it has the feeling of sitting in a land based casino, playing at the blackjack table using basic strategy to improve profits. Usually the dealer will use the player’s names and the players have time to interact. One of the disadvantages of playing personal live dealer blackjack is that the table is limited to 6 or 7 players, thus making the players wait for a place to open at the table just like in a land based blackjack game.

Most of the casino that offer a game of Live Dealer Blackjack have a system where players can play other casino games like slots or other games, while they are waiting for a place to be available. This is never an issue playing regular online blackjack.

Trust and Live Dealer Blackjack

One of the advantages of many who play online blackjack, especially for players who find it difficult to trust the software’s RNG (Random Number Generator) used by online casinos, players prefer to see the cards being shuffled and dealt by the dealer via the webcam the online casino has set up for this purpose. With this in mind, however, it is advisable to those players at a trustworthy online casinos should have no problem on the random number generator, because online casinos are audited regularly to ensure that the RNG (Random Number Generator) is operating as it should be.

As mentioned above, the live dealer blackjack offers a unique gaming experience to every player and allow them to interact with live dealers through chat provided by the casinos. There are some casino mobile app that contribute to the fantastic atmosphere and make the player feel like they are in a traditional land-based casino.


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