Casino Malaysia Dragon Tiger Easy Game Win with Card Counting Strategy

Many casino game had evolved thoroughly. As it each casino game was developed to have other versions of it. It is not actually surprising, because there is a continuous increase in number if casino players. There is casino Malaysia dragon tiger easy game win with card counting strategy that must be played.

That is why it is just a must to have changes and improvement on some casino games for it to be truly enjoyed by the players. As casino houses expand, its networks also expand too. That even playing it can be also done online. Because of this many people now are interested with casino games.

Casino Malaysia games can be actually classified in to some categories such as the table games. In these table games still have sub categories like the card game. Card game is one of the most loved casino game, as it is easy game win to play and very simple to understand.

It offers a good chance of winning in each game as it is quickly understood. The well-known card games are the baccarat, roulette and the three card poker. And additional of it the Dragon Tiger where card counting strategy is best played.

Casino Malaysia Dragon Tiger Easy Game Win with Card Counting Strategy

Dragon tiger is one of the newest diversification of a card game easy game to win at casino Malaysia. As it has the almost the same rules with baccarat, but it much lighter to play. It is more popular in some Asian countries like Malaysia, as it actually originated from Cambodia.

No jokers or wild cards are used in the game that is why it is quite simple to learn and to play making the risk are so low, and no standard strategies is needed. But a certain knowledge on the basics on how to play the game is a mus. It is just to ensure that you are in a right track while playing it.

Casino Malaysia Dragon Tiger Easy Game Win with Card Counting Strategy

Casino Malaysia Dragon Tiger Easy Game Win with Card Counting Strategy

Casino Malaysia Dragon Tiger Easy Game Win With Card Counting Strategy

Playing Dragon Tiger for the first time won’t be hard. As I have said it is so easy game win to play and very simple to learn. Because of the speed and simplicity of the game many players appreciated it quickly.

It is also a favorite of players who use card counting strategy, who often follow each winning hand on a score pad and bet accordingly. It is played with Standard English decks of 52 cards and no jokers or wild cards are used. It can be compared closer to the game of Casino War, as just a single card is deal to the Dragon spot and then one to the Tiger spot.

Develop Strategies to Play Dragon Tiger to Win

Even if dragon tiger is an easy game win to play, it is highly recommended to play it carefully. Because nobody will take risk all of his or her money for just a single game. As it is also a game of chance, no definite outcome will be seen. That is why it is still safe to develop some strategies to secure the chances of winnings in the game.

Card counting may be the most effective strategy to use in dragon tiger, especially on online casino Malaysia, as number of decks used is offered by the online casino and the software shows when the decks are being shuffled, there is the possibility that the casino edge can be reduced by card counting, much like blackjack players do to turn the tables on the casino.

You must keep track of the suits played, because it can be the easiest thing to do, since there are only four possibilities. So if any time three of the four suits have appeared more than a once suit, it would be an improved wage.

Dragon tiger might be the answer for the easy game win to play you have been looking for. Do the strategies and expect to win a lot. You will get so much fun and excitement, and at some point some good winnings. So try dragon tiger now at casino Malaysia, and see how it really works.


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