Casino Online Best Mini Roulette Variant and Side Bet Payout

Roulette is a casino game that has gained its popularity over time and today has reached a point where it is loved by all. While initially there was just one kind of roulette that could be played on casino online best mini roulette variant and side bet payout, however now developers are coming up with all the different versions and variants of the game.  Known to be a simple game, luck plays an important factor for winning.

Casino Online Best Mini Roulette Variant and Side Bet Payout

As more and more players are turning to the game, the game’s popularity and demand is also increasing. One of the best and most loved variant that is played is the Mini Roulette game, in this apart from the Roulette wheel, you have just one zero and the numbering in the wheel is from 1-12. The house edge on this variant is a little high but even the payouts are really good.

Understanding the Game and the Way to Bet

Casino online that offers mini roulette, will offer you a game that is very true to its roots and at the same time sticks to the basic rules that are applicable. In this game there are a few common betting strategies, just by understanding the different forms of betting, you will get to understand how best you have to play the game.

Casino Online Best Mini Roulette Variant and Side Bet Payout

Casino Online Best Mini Roulette Variant and Side Bet Payout

Let us get to know more about them one by on:

  • The straight bet – this is just how the name suggests, here the player places his or her chip in the number that they want.
  • The Split bet – in this form of betting you can go ahead and place the chip on the line that stands between two numbers.
  • The corner bet – This is a bet which is placed on the dividing which helps 4 numbers to meet.
  • Three bet – in this you can place the wager on any sequential combination between zero and three, this means you can choose a combination of zero, one and two or zero two and three.
  • Apart from the one’s mentioned above, in Casino online gaming you also have other betting Combinations Like The Black/Red Bet, The Odd/Even Bet, Column Bet. Sixers Bet, Street Bet Etc.

Understanding the Payouts of the Best Roulette Variant

Just like every Casino online game, even in mini roulette there are payouts. In comparison to the traditional game of roulette, the payouts for this version is very different. For example, if a person places the straight bet, then the ration of the payout is 11:1.  If the ball falls on the pocket that is numbered zero, then 50% of the amount that has been wagered is refunded.

If a player bets on variations like Odd/Even or Black/Red or even on numbers like 1-6, -12 or 4-, then the ratio of the payout that is offered is 1:1. However if they go ahead and choose straight bets then the ratio is 11:1 which gives a 3:1 payout and 2:1 bet.

Keeping all these minor casino online mini roulette points into mind, it is really advisable that before you go ahead and start playing the best game, you read the rules that are mentioned so that you get to know exactly what payouts are offered. This will help you to learn a bit more about the game and even understand the variations that are there when it comes to the different forms of betting that is accepted by that particular provider.


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