Casino Online QQ188 Fast Registration Big Welcome Bonus

Chances are, registration could be the last and yet the heaviest possible obstacle for you to join casino. Most casino players, particularly beginners don’t want to give their personal details to casino because of this. But now with casino online QQ188 fast registration big welcome bonus!

Casino Online QQ188 Fast Registration Big Welcome Bonus

When the submitted information only includes log-in as well as password, fast registration online can cause all of the fuss. However, the problem is that the players needed to provide phone number and address.

These information are not that sensitive. But still, many players opt not to give this information.  However, most controversy is due to the need on submitting one copy of passport or even other ID. Aside from, that casino online may also request for documents that confirms their place of residence.

Why players need to undergo this strict requirement? It is due to money laundering cases. There’s no wonder that casino online suffer because of swindlers who use illegal financial schemes. To safeguard their investment and obey instruction of the regulating law enforcement bodies, gambling sites such as QQ188 need to ask for some confirmation documents.

Casino Online QQ188 Fast Registration Big Welcome Bonus

Casino Online QQ188 Fast Registration Big Welcome Bonus

How to be Secured While Registering in QQ188?

In online gambling, security holds the main concern of players besides fast registration and big welcome bonus. Though people know that most land-based casino are strictly regulated with safe game control procedure, but still, they are not quite sure of the same process and controls are utilized virtually.  As a matter of fact, online casino games from QQ188 are better and safer. Wondering why?

SSL made it possible! For each online casino, it is required that they will use SSL encryption.  When you use SSL encryption, it is a technology, which gets rid several worries and fears regarding personal and financial sharing info into the net. When you have a green padlock with your browser bar as well as URL starts https, you can say that it is really working.

Play QQ188 Casino Online on Mobile Devices

Do you prefer playing QQ188 games with fast registration and big welcome bonus at a mobile casino or computer? Through SSL encryption, it converts your data into a random text right away. Such text became the result when a complex algorithm is applied in order to make it impossible for intruders to crack. It serves as an encrypted text which is being transmitted onto the casino.

To prove this, you should be aware first that many casinos out there utilize 128-bit SSL. It only means that the casino utilizes key which consists of 128 ones and zeroes in order to provide protection to the players. For you to steal necessary info from player, hackers require to get the exact key with very exact order of ones and zeroes.

What about the odds of determining the right key? It must be 339,00­0,0­00,­000­,00­0,0­00,­000­,00­0,0­00,­000­,00­0,000. In other words, it is much better for you to place your bet into Euro Millions rather than crack the key.

This is how much security you could get along with clearances, firewalls and procedures usually used by  online casino to maintain safety of players.

So, for quick and easy registration in QQ188, it is advisable that you prepare now your digital passport copy. Don’t worry, you may not require other documents. QQ188 understands that too hard to get requirement can drive away their prospect clients. It is why they choose to inquire for some documents later in the procedure.


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