How to Deposit

How to Deposit

After registration you need to do your 1st deposit transaction for you to able to avail different kind of promotion, and the first thing to do the first login. After a successful login and then click bank then select the deposit. Then the popup will appear on your browser like to see below:

How to deposit

If the popup is already appeared you can see 3 step to make deposit. The 1st thing to do is choose your preferred wallet this is different kind of game provider. Then if you already choose your wallet then you can proceed to payment method you can choose either local transfer or payment online.

In local transfer you need to choose your bank name, the account name and account number will automatically generated. Then choose the amount then submit.

In online payment you just need choose your bank name then amount then go submit

Keep in your mind that you should keep your account secured, do not let other use your account, and dont tell anyone you account username and password