Rules and Strategy in 7Up Baccarat to help you succeed

Baccarat is one of the most favorite games particularly played in online or landbased casino baccarat type. In the Far East they have invented more variety of the game. In Marina Bay Sands Casino they recently introduced a new version called “7 Up Baccarat” to its table games. The difference of this new variety from the original baccarat is that the players always receives a seven to start out which affects strategy and payouts.

Rules and Strategy in 7Up Baccarat to help you succeed

Rules of the Game

In 7 Up Baccarat, most rules are the same with the standard Baccarat. A shuffling machine is used to continuously shuffle six decks. Players can wager between the Player and the Banker hand. On the table there is a printed number “7” that indicates the first card that is always dealt to the Player hand. Then a second hand is dealt from the shuffler, this completes the Player hand and the Banker receives two card.

Rules and Strategy in 7Up Baccarat to help you succeed

Rules and Strategy in 7Up Baccarat to help you succeed

There are three possible outcomes and win online casino, first the Player hand may win, and it will produce a payout of even money, excluding winning with a count of seven that pays 1 to 2. Banker hand may win and also paying money but not when the Banker win with a count of seven, that pays 9 to 5. Ties will result in a push then the bets will be returned and no winner declared. There are two types of side bet options offered in 7 Up Baccarat.

First is “Ties” side bet pays from 7 to 1 every time two hands push with the same total, excluding for a seven-point Tie, that pays 9 to 1. The second is called “Super Sevens” side bet. This pays a baccarat online bonus according on how many sevens are total given among hands, including the initial seven that is always dealt to the Player. The payouts for two sevens are 2 to 1, for three sevens 5 to 1, for four 17 to 1, for five 70 to 1, and for six 700 to 1.

Playing Strategy

Just like Blackjack to succeed in 7 up baccarat strategy, the drawing of cards must follow a prescribed set of rules. There is no trick in playing 7 Up Baccarat. To affect the outcome, you will need to have a betting strategy, there are several ways to manage money and bet for the players advantage.

First, the house advantage of the Banker hand is 2.56%, this holds a best betting choice over the Player hand that features a 2.60% margin in favor of the House. The shortage of commission on winning Banker payouts, with the higher 9 to 5 on winning a total of seven, which makes the fact that the Banker can be or expected to lose 42.8% on outright of all deals compared to the Player hand which is 41.0%.

Second, compared to the conventional Baccarat this version are more welcoming, this is true due to the Ties wager. Because of the initial seven, ties appear more frequently 10.1% against 9.5% and the House edge is considerably lower with a 4.05% against 14.44%. Like the Super Sevens bet that comes with a House edge of 8.86%, which is preferred to the typical “Pairs” side bet with a House edge of 11.25%.



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