Using the basic strategy in Live Blackjack to improve profits

Anyone who is not using card counting in Blackjack are always looking to learn Using the basic strategy in Live Blackjack to improve profits in playing table games considerably with below half of the house edge. What’s worse is that the rules and conditions rarely surpass a house edge of 0.8%.

Using the basic strategy in Live Blackjack to improve profits

Competitive players overcome that small house edge together with the value they receive from online casino free rooms and food comps. How can it be possible to get back more in comp rather than your loss? There is one good reason why… it’s because most players don’t play basic strategy accurately, meaning they play the game so bad. As a result of this bad playing behavior, typical players loses a considerably large fraction of their action and the comps given back reflects higher loss.

Using the basic strategy in Live Blackjack to improve profits

Using the basic strategy in Live Blackjack to improve profits

Casinos solution to the problem

The fact that the casinos know about basic strategy players lose only a little compared to the average player, apparently they have a way of dealing with this problem. Sadly, their solution doesn’t work.

Before you play at the table the pit personnel writes down the size of your wager and the length of time you will play. This is a strategy of the casino to determine how strong you are. They rank your ability as “Superior”, “Average”, or “Poor”.

If you are the type of player that uses only basic strategy in live blackjack to improve profits and the casino is doing their job of marking, they should rank you as “Superior”, means you have low expectation of losses on you plays. This will affect the comps that will be extended to you, because your loss is very small. This strategy is intended to keep blackjack basic strategy players from getting more in comps than they lose.

How basic strategy players still beat casinos

The question now is why the basic strategy player are able to beat the systems at all casinos? Almost every player is marked as Average in skill by the Pit bosses. On the G2E gaming conference the moderator cited a study that on 2 million player ratings, only six are marked as “Poor” players.

Poor ranked players are the bread and butter of the casino, if they accidentally learn that they were rated as poor player, they would be offended. To add to that, on those 2 million player ratings, only a few are rated as Superior and more than 99.9 percent were rated Average.

So how do you exploit this casino loophole?

You should play this strategy perfectly and accurately like having to know the common and uncommon numbers in online roulette. Timing your bigger bets on the table to increase your rating while the person assigned to the floor is watching. After leaving the table ask the floorperson about your average bet rating. If you’re confronted the floorperson often fudge on higher bets side. And last thing, make sure to pick up all the comps you have earned.

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